Sunway Lagoon Restaurant

Sunway Lagoon Restaurants

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Sunway Lagoon Restaurants

Savor on some delicious dishes served at the amazing dining places with every aesthetic interior. No matter what you are looking for; a drink or a light snack, or a full-fledged meal, you can have it at Sunway Lagoon restaurants. The categories are snacks and refreshments, small bites and fast food, and restaurants.

Sunway Lagoon is one of the top amusement places to have fun and enjoy on this tour. It has the best of amusement park facilities and activities at Sunway Lagoon in water park, wildlife park, extreme park, scream park, and not to forget Nickelodeon. Explore the full range of dining options at the park. Choose from a range of watermelon coolers and soft drinks at Take 5. Quench your thirst and join the fun again. If you love breads, like chapati and paratha, then Hot and Roll, will be apt for you. Nathan’s Famous is the top counter for Frankfurters, the classic snack. You get too many choices in finger-licking foods and drinks at Sunway Lagoon.

Snacks & Refreshments at Sunway Lagoon

Hydration zone
Hydration Zone

An outdoor holiday is incomplete without a generous dose of hydration. So, get ready to quench your thirst with a wide range of options in store for you. A range of fresh beverages awaits you at the Hydration Zone today.

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Take 5

This is another top drink and snack destination where you should be headed today. Get a glass of freshly squeezed lemonade or watermelon juice to make your day. You can also gorge on some popcorn or hotdog.

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hot and roll
Hot & Roll

Now, you can get your hands on some hot wraps and rolls at the counter. Savoury snacks await your visit at the awesome destination that you call Hot & Roll. Be it a paratha, or a chapati, be ready to gorge on it without any regrets. The Sunway Lagoon restaurant is here to serve you.

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Small Bites & Fast Food at Sunway Lagoon Restaurants

Nathan’s Famous

If you love Frankfurters, New York’s No.1 brand, you have got to be here. Enjoy a wholesome range of delectable Frankfurters, the Jumbo crinkle-cut fries, and lemonade.

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Marry Brown

Now, you can gorge on some fancy chicken at Marry Brown. The best part about the restaurant is that it allows you to have a meal in a wetsuit. Gorge on Mi Kari Ayam Goreng, Nasi Ayam MB, and chicken porridge, along with fried chicken and burgers.

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Cubes Pizza

Who does not love some pizza with cheese toppings dripping from your mouth? Get ready to enjoy the most delectable range of Pizzas with myriad toppings at Cubes. It is a unique brand of square pizzas that leaves you asking for more.

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It is just not coffee, that you are after at Starbucks, but a lot more. You can taste myriad beverages with some of the glasses, imprinted with your name.

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Burger King

If you love chicken burgers or just any sort of burger, with the lettuce leaves peeking out, you have got to be here.

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Get ready to gorge on a delectable range of sandwiches, only at Subway. You can take your pick from vegetable and meat sandwiches, with loads of mayo. This is amongst the best experiences that you can have at Sunway Lagoon restaurants.

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Restaurants At Sunway Lagoons


Sagar Restaurant is a part of the Sunway Lagoon restaurants complex. You will get a delectable range of vegetarian and non-vegetarian options at this North Indian restaurant.

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Satay Aroma

It sells the highest quality of satay bites, and the chefs here, rustle up the best Malay cuisine delicacies, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

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Beach Bistro

Be it local or western, you can relish a wide range of seafood at Beach Bistro. The restaurant makes finger-licking lobsters, prawns, mussels, and crab dishes.

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CFL Local Delight
CFL Local Delight

The restaurant serves delicious Malaysian cuisine, with Mee Goreng Mamak and Nasi Lemak being their specialty.

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Warung Nasi & Mee
Warung Nasi & Mee

The restaurant sells Malaysian delicacies. You can have your fill of Halal Nasi Ayam, here. Enjoy delicious and traditional recipes at Warung Nasi and Mee, one of the best Sunway Lagoon restaurants.

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FAQs for Sunway Lagoon Park

What are the things to do at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park?

  • Visit Amusement Park: You can go down the Niagara Falls on the Flume Ride, and ride the waters of the Grand Canyon. It will be a trip to remember. Pirates Revenge is a 360-degree revolving pirates ship that will have you swivelling 24 meters above the ground.

  • Explore Waters of Africa Park: The Sunway Surf Beach over there features a surf pool that tourists love. The tall surf waves add to the adventure, where your kids will simply love little Zimbabwe. The African Python and Six-lane Congo Challenge also await you here.

  • Let's Scream at the Scream Park: If you love the horror genre, this is the ultimate place for you. The fear starts from PONTIANAK and ends at the Tunnel of Penanggal. You can also spend some time or a Night at the Museum.

  • Ride at the Extreme Park: If you want to feel the rush of adrenaline through your veins, it has got to be at the Extreme Park. Enjoy Asia’s highest slingshot ride here.

  • Visit Wildlife Park: Get ready to meet at least 150 species at the wildlife park. It is an interactive and fun-filled affair. You can also enjoy G-Force X; and Malaysia’s longest flying fox.

What are the important things to carry while visiting Sunway Lagoon Park?

  • T-shirt and shorts to wear inside and for change
  • Swimwear in the water park
  • Footwear
  • Cash
  • Sunscreen
  • Toiletries
  • Water-proof phone pouch, if you don’t want to leave the phone in the locker.

What is the operating time for Sunway Lagoon Park?

The opening hours of the Sunway Lagoon park are Wednesday – Monday: 10:00am till 6:00pm. It remains closed on Tuesday. If it is a public holiday or school holiday, it remains open. It is also open at night on certain special days, like Halloween.

What facilities are available at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park?

  • The Lagoon Express – Use this to reach the Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon at the fag end of the park.

  • Lockers On Rent – You can keep your valuables inside the lockers, as they are not allowed on the rides.

  • Tubes On Rent – You can rent a tube to use in the lazy river or Wave Pool. Each ride has its tubes, so check beforehand.

  • Wheelchairs and Strollers – If you have toddlers or seniors, this is the way to go. It is convenient for you inside the park.

Can we book the tickets of Sunway lagoon online?

Yes, you have an option to book Sunway Lagoon tickets online.

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