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Sunway Lagoon Night Park Tickets
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Sunway Lagoon Night Park Tickets
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Sunway Lagoon Theme Park Admission Tickets
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Sunway Lagoon Overview

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park is one of the most enchanting and exciting places to visit during your Malaysia trip. This exquisite theme park is divided into five distinct themes: water, wildlife, extreme level sports, lost lagoon, scream parks and cement ground. All of these parks feature adrenaline pumping and thrilling activities and rides that will make your trip to Sunway Lagoon Theme Park worth it.

You'll find a variety of lavish water pools and rides in the water pool theme park, ranging from easy to quite tough. The Vuvuzela, one of the largest tumultuous water rides, the Waterplexx 5D, and others are among the most remarkable rides.

Next on, the splendid wildlife park allows a soulful connection to the enthralling nature around us. Housing over 50 exquisite species of animals, imported from around the world, the wildlife park has three different zones namely Tigerland, Wild Encounters and Enchanting Exhibits, where one can marvel upon the grandiose nature of other wild animals. For our adrenaline junkies, the amusement park features plenty of thrilling rides to keep you busy for an eternity. From exciting roller coasters, to serene carousels, this park has rides suitable for all age groups. Look for Sunway Lagoon Ticket online and enjoy amazing discounts on your first ever booking.

Attractions Offered in Sunway Lagoon Tickets

Sunway Lagoon is home to a wide range of attractions that will give you a whole new experience to the visitors. With Sunway Lagoon tickets you will get to enjoy amusement rides like Pirate’s Revenge, Pedestrian Suspension Bridge, Lost City of Gold Scream Bridge, and Carousel at the amusement park, which will terrify you with an immense thrill and adventure. On the other hand, rides like Vuvuzela, Little Zimbabwe, Waterplexx 5D, and Surf Beach at the water park will not fail to surprise you with its joyful vibe. You will also get to enjoy Scream Park, Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon and wildlife park where you will get to come across some native wildlives.

amusement park.webp
Amusement Park

The Amusement Park at the Sunway Lagoon Theme Park allows an extraordinary fun day of trying out all exhilarating adrenaline pumping rides like no other. If you have kids with you on the trip, then allow them to ride the soothing carousel and wagon wheel studded with extremely fun characters to their liking. For all adrenaline junkies, the gigantic and challenging pirate’s revenge will take you on a 360 degree spin. Walk over the largest suspension bridge of Malaysia extending upto 430 metres and enjoy a bird’s eye view of the Kuala Lumpur cityscape as far as your eyes can see.

Rides:- Pirate’s revenge- Pedestrian Suspension Bridge- Lost City of Gold Scream Bridge- Carousel

water park.jpg
Water Park

Book for Sunway Lagoon online tickets on our website and enjoy exclusive discounts and admission tickets to the splendid water park. The water park at this theme park is not for the soft hearted as it ignites adrenaline rush and needs great courage. With extravagant water pools, tunnel rides, bold slides, turbulence rides and more, this water park is where all adrenaline junkies can have a fun day. The recent addition to this water park is the giant Vuvuzela, and with its rapid twists and turns of water and spinning slides, visitors will have the best adrenaline pumping session. Test your surfing skills at the Surf beach and challenge the surf simulator. Rides :- Vuvuzela- Little Zimbabwe- Waterplexx 5D- Surf Beach

Sunway lagoon 1.jpg
Scream Park

For a menacing and jaw-dropping experience, visit Kuala Lumpur’s Scariest theme park called scream park. People dressed as mummies, aliens and scary characters from your famous movies will be ready to scare you and test your fears. The most popular attraction inside this park is the sharknado, where visitors can witness hair-rising scenarios with intriguing soundtracks. Another extraordinary and daunting attraction is the nights of fright. Ready to test your spirit, this attraction has haunting shows and performances, making the fear for the month of October come true. Visit Malaysia's one of a kind scary park and challenge yourself for a time of thrill and fascinating experience. Book a Sunway Lagoon Tickets with some exciting discounts and enjoy your trip, along with experiencing this thrilling attraction.

Rides:- Sharknado Alive- Nights of Frights

Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon

Featuring daunting and terrifying water slides with the fun characters and shows of Nickelodeon, this Nickelodeon park is a splendid addition to your itinerary. Especially for kids, this water park has easy to moderate level water pools, wave pools and tunnel slides, waterfalls and camping sites as well. The exquisite SpongeBob flash adventure is where you find the popular ‘great slime deluge’, a unique attraction ready to render you a slimy experience. For the brave hearts, the monsoon 360 is a body slide perched at a straight angle and ending with a direct splash into the pool through the gigantic tunnel ride. The jungle fury is another wholesome ride, where you can enjoy twists and turns through a humongous slide whilst sitting on a huge tube accommodating your friends and family.

Rides :- SpongeBob Splash adventure- Monsoon 360 degree- Jungle Fury- Kubarango

Sunway Lagoon Wildlife Park

A soulful connection with mother nature's best creations is a must do activity in your Sunway Lagoon package. Your exclusive, Sunway Lagoon tickets includes a trip to the wildlife park, which features grandiose and unbelievable animal species from across the globe. Witness the majestic lions and tigers in their natural habitats, and marvel over the greatness of marine species. The park features three different zones: river terrapin conservation featuring the critically endangered animal species of river Terrapin, secondly the beautiful wildlife encounter session, where you can click pictures with the enthralling zoo pets and lastly the enchanting exhibits. Get a closeup view of sun bears, panthers, tigers and eagles and observe their diet culture, animal behaviour and nature as well.

Rides:- The white lion Kingdom- River Terrapin Conservation- Enchanting Exhibits- Wild encounters

X Park Sunway Lagoon

For an instant rush of adrenaline, the exclusive X Park Sunway Lagoon, features thrilling and extremely challenging rides for the brave hearted. Enjoy aerial views of the entire Kuala Lumpur city cape on the infamous G-Force X which is reputed as one of best slingshot rides across Asia. Get on bungee jumping and challenge yourself for a free fall drop from the top of the world. Other exhilarating rides like Go-kart, paintball shooting and kayaking are fun activities to try out with your friends and family and are inclusive in your Sunway Lagoon Tickets.

Rides:- Bungy Jumping- G-Force X- Go Kart- Paintball Target shooting- Kayaking- Bungee Trampoline

Best Rides at Sunway Lagoon Park

Sunway Lagoon tickets includes admission to all the six immensely challenging yet extremely fun zones with exciting rides for an instant adrenaline rush. From menacing bungee jumping and ATV rides, to splash and slime experience at the waterpark, this theme park is a one in all destination for all adrenaline junkies.

The gigantic turbulence ride called Vuvuzela, of the waterpark is a challenging ride and a definite try. Get your hands dirty in the Nickelodeon special slimy attraction and have a fun session with your friend and family. The exclusive Sharknado Alive, made only for the brave hearts, is ready to scare you with its threatening performances, and soundtracks. Enjoy a thrilling day with Sunway Lagoon rides

Vuvuzela Ride

The vuvuzela ride of the waterpark, is a large and extremely fascinating 360 degree turbulence ride, which will take you on a twist and turn experience through the fast flowing water. This ride begins from 11 storeys high, and continues to be one of the largest and most frightening water slides across Asia.

Zone: Water Park

Pirate’s Revenge.webp
Pirate’s Revenge

The pirate’s revenge is another exhilarating ride for our brave hearts. On a humongous ship hanging above the ground, experience an unrealistic 360 degree spin. Spin and tumble upside down while screaming your heart out on this terrifying ride, which is one of Sunway Lagoon Theme Park's best attractions.

Zone: Amusement Park

Sharknado Alive.webp
Sharknado Alive!

Definitely not for the faint hearted, the Sharknado Alive is an exhilarating and thrilling attraction, with scenes from the popular Shark Movie. Have a daunting experience with sassy soundtracks and dimly lit corridors and bloody shark sculptures, making your time indeed more scary.

Zone: Scream Park

SpongeBob Splash Adventure.jpg
SpongeBob Splash Adventure

The infamous SpongeBob splash adventure ride is the centre of attraction in Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon. This attraction features plenty of water slides,canyons and waterfalls with the slimy attraction called ‘ Great Slime Deluge’ promising a fun time with your friends.

Zone: Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon

Bungy Jump.webp
Bungy Jump

The exhilarating bungee jumping is a once in a lifetime experience every brave heart must try. Have a free falling experience from great heights and enjoy the indistinct aerial views of Kuala Lumpur like no other.

Zone: X Park Sunway Lagoon

Waterplexx 5D

Sunway Lagoon package is another extraordinary way to enjoy the thrill of 5D movies and related experiences. At this attraction, visitors will enjoy a marvellous cinematic experience, with fog, water sprays, mists and lively sound effects, making this 3D multi-sensory ride even more intriguing.

Zone: Water Park

Height Requirements At Sunway Lagoon Park

Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon

- SpongeBob Splash Adventure: Participant is required to be at least 1m tall

- Wild Chase Coaster, Cobra Creek, Boa Constrictor, Crocodile Gully, Monsoon 360 and Hippo Valley: 1.2 metre height requirement

- Kubarango and Jungle Fury: Participants must be 1 metre tall. Children to be accompanied by parents.

Water Park

- Waterplexx 5D, Cameroon Climb, African Pythons, Vuvuzela, Congo Challenge, Kalahari Kids & Little- Zimbabwe: Minimum 1.1 metres height required.

- Flowrider: 1.4 metre height requirement.

Scream Park

- Not recommended for children below the age of 7. Child should be accompanied by a guardian or parent at all times.

Amusement Park

- Captain Kids’ Candyland, Captain Kids’ Playland and Carousel: 1.2m tall height requirement.

- Lost City of Gold Scream Coaster, Pirate’s Revenge and Tomahawk: At least 1.4 metres height required.

Shows at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

Sunway Lagoon Theme Park brings you plenty of exciting and enthralling meet and greet experience, live performances and shows that are a perfect end to your day at this pleasant theme park. Meet your favourite characters from the most loved shows, and have cute interactive experiences with them. Catch the tale of Mount Merapi and marvel at the actors and their incredible realistic performances.

meet n greet.webp
Meet & Greet Your Favourite Cartoon Characters

If growing up Captain Quack and Lady Quack were your favourite characters, then the Sunway Lagoon package has the perfect surprise for you. Meet your favourite characters from your childhood shows and have an interactive session with them. And of course don't forget to click pictures with them as they entertain you with their cute acts and walks.

Wildlife Encounters

From fierce lions to the brave panthers, the wildlife park of Sunway Lagoon brings you an enchanting experience with the wildlife of Asia’s best. Have a close up interaction with grandiose majestic white lions Zola and Zuli. The park also houses cotton-top tamarin, meerkats, miniature horses and otters, which will marvel the beauty of Mother Nature even more. Bears, tigers, hornbills and peacocks, with their incredible demeanour and beauty are sure to make your Kuala Lumpur excursion event more memorable.

Dining at Sunway Lagoon

Small Bites & Fast Food
Snacks & Refreshments
marybrown sunway.webp
  • Nathan’s Famous: Nathan’s famous has been the infamous food attraction in Sunway Lagoon Park. This fantastic franchise serves extremely hot and tempting hot dogs, refreshing lemonades, and tasty fries like no other. Explore their delicious menus and order for your favourite and enjoy quick services as well.
  • MarryBrown: Fascinating and mouth-watering chicken dishes from the land of Malaysia are the special highlight at this restaurant. Order for some mouth-watering chicken porridge and add stars to your trip.
  • Cubes Pizza: Chest pizzas with fresh pepperoni toppings are a splendid highlight at Cube’s Pizza enough to make you come back for more.
  • Starbucks: The popular franchise here sells delicious coffees and cold coffees that are a definite try. Order of lattes and enjoy a break from your excursion.
  • Burger King: Enjoy splendid burgers and fries at Burger King, along with onion rings for extra delight. Try all the signature burgers and have a delectable meal.
  • Subway: Get your very own nutritious sandwich with the topping of your choice, along with all the spicy and tasty sauces and side chunks.

Know Before You Book Sunway Lagoon Tickets

Essential Information
sunway 4.jpg

Location: 3, Jalan PJS 11/11, Bandar Sunway, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Timings: Open from 10am to 6pm daily, except for Tuesday.

How to Reach:

- By Train: You can take the train to Subang Jaya Station, then get transferred to a feeder bus to Sunway Pyramid.

- By Road: Visitors can also opt for cabs and car rentals from their accommodations and reach this theme park via Federal Highway, Damansara-Puchong Expressway, New Pantai Expressway and KESAS Highway.

Best Time to visit Sunway Lagoon: The best time to visit Sunway Lagoon is during morning hours as there would be very less crowd, and the weather will be pleasant, for you to have an amazing experience.

Rules & Regualtions At Sunway Lagoon

  • Visitors are advised to follow the height, age and weight requirement strictly for all rides in the measurement park.

  • Pregnant women and people with heart disease or physical ailments are strictly prohibited to indulge in the rides.

  • Wear proper rayon clothing when visiting the water rides.

  • Cameras and videography are strictly prohibited inside the attractions.

  • Alcohol, outside food and beverages are not allowed inside the theme park.

  • Visitors are advised to dress decently and have a proper behaviour. Any insolent behaviour or disregard to the rules and authorities will be penalised strictly.

  • Tourists should not smoke publicly and make use of the designated smoking areas during their visit.

Why To Book Sunway Lagoon Tickets Online

You should book an online Sunway Lagoon tickets as it gives you a chance to skip the long queues at the attraction as well as grasp loads of discount coupons. You can just buy Sunway Lagoon tickets online and make your way directly into the attraction without any hussle. This is the most convenient and comfortable way of visiting the Sunway Lagoon.

The Sunway Lagoon Theme Park in Kuala Lumpur offers an interesting day of activities. Water Park, Amusement Park, Extreme Park, Wildlife Park, Scream Park, and Nickelodeon Lost Lagoon are just a few of the most popular activities at Sunway Lagoon.

Tips To Visit Sunway Lagoon Theme Park

  • Make sure to carry water bottles, personal medicines and comfortable clothing while visiting.

  • Pregnant women, and people with heart conditions and physical impairments are not advised for the ideas.

  • Don't bring alcohol, outside food and beverages inside the attraction. You can find various food counters and vendors inside the theme park.

  • Umbrellas, caps, eyewear, valuables, and sharp objects are not allowed inside the attraction. Visitors can use the locker facility to keep their valuables safe.

Sunway Lagoon FAQs